Turning to the Darkside // Bedroom plans.


Hello folks, happy belated new year. No resolutions here, and definitely no dry January. However this year is the year my bedroom will cease to be the studentesque hovel of ill fitting furniture, and the year it gets its mojo back.

My bedroom is the only room (other than the bathroom) that has been left untouched since I bought this house three and a half years ago. The kids bedrooms have had two upgrades, one whilst they shared and another when they split rooms. I am sure most families find the kids rooms and receptions come first and parents spaces get put on the back burner all too often. Another reason I have never gotten around to my room is my bedroom bipolar condition….. I have no issue with thinking of ideas to capture the look and feel a  friend might want to reflect themselves in the bedroom, or even in other rooms in my own home. However, my bedroom….mind blockage everytime. If I had ten bedrooms I guess I would be fine, I could try each vibe in each room, and interchange where I relax on a mood by mood basis. Alas I live in a 1970’s three bedder so that ain’t gonna happen.

Below is the current travesty affecting my R&R. As you can see I have  a mix and match of various items I bought years ago and have since moved home with. None of which fit here or were purchased to work together.Then there is the matter of the vintage style headboard which I got for almost nothing from Gumtree when the twins were a few months (I thought the extra back support might help me in the middle of the deep dark night when I was nursing the twins;it didn’t help, but hey, I would have tried anything!)  wp-image-972029362jpg.jpgAlong with the above mishmash of hand me down furniture which I am now truly sick of, to the right here there is  an E Gomme  triple  wardrobe along with a tall dark oak period chest of drawers which has tons of storage but doesn’t work in this room/house for me. All this needs to go!!

My room isn’t huge, but its plenty big enough for me and my kingsized bed. With some concentration on spacial planning and streamlined storage I should be able to magic something up. I had biggish plans for the room width alcove (on the right of the above pic, opposite the window)  to have a reach in wardrobe/storage with sliding doors. Alas our gas boiler has banjaxed and I need to sell my kidneys to pay for that which is a boring priority I hadn’t banked on (literally).

However friends,  let’s think solutions not problems! My budget for my bedroom is now on a shoestring,  but this wont affect the majority of the plan if I use my thrifty skills. I also love a challenge and in some respects I think we all have to be more creative when we cant throw money at a problem, and if anything is going to reflect my inner diva then it will be a bargain makeover. Storage options can always be upgraded when I am more minted.

My bedroom is currently white and is north east facing meaning it only really gets direct sunlight in the summer months at sundown. I am usually a huge fan of the light and airy rooms of Scandinavian ilk, the light and bright Dutch home of Souraya Hassan or the Cali Cool laid back, boho homes created by the likes of Amber Lewis. However in my room, my usual choices will not cut it. I have been seduced by #styleitdark feeds on instagram and love the cosy, moody darkness shown in other people’s homes  and think that if I am going to try it anywhere then the bedroom is the place.Some dark side inspiration below….


Source                                                                              Source

So here is a little moodboard to help capture the vibe I am hoping to achieve. A little moody, a little Scandi and a little Boho.  I recently jumped on the latest bargain Aldi purchase bandwagon, and bought two of the little table lamps seen below. After months of  fruitlessly waiting for ebay to show me two leggy vintage mid century  bedside tables in my budget, I actually found two of these perfect ones online at  TK Maxx. The other staples shown in the board I already own, although the lighting option for the ceiling is likely to change, but I need to see how the room looks once it is painted. Watch this space.bedroom-on-a-budget

I did have plans to DIY a jumbo pegboard-headboard from ply and dowling, but I wonder whether it might be overload with the DIY  ladderax inspired desk/shelving I have planned for the wall facing the foot of the bed.

What do you think? Have any of you turned to the dark side recently? How does it feel?



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